Ends on September 1, 2018

What We're Looking for:

As with the short fiction we publish, we are looking for strong story that stretches the imagination. Tight lines and crisp language, vivid images and action, stories that take place at the intersection of myth, traditional tales, history, strong personae and look into the future. We are partial to lines that look at the world outside the window and imagine new ways to describe it, and new ways to address it without becoming didactic. Our theme for this issue will be 'Future Myths.'

The Rules and Legal Stuff:

We cannot wait to see what marvels you send us, and we hope to see longer forms, and require that speculative elements be present in each poem. You may submit up to three poems in one submission, and may only submit once.

  • Submit via this submittable link, by September 1, 2018.

  • Thanks to a generous private donation, we will be paying $100US per selected published poem, via PayPal.

  • Syntax & Salt supports and welcomes stories by and about individuals of all ages, classes, disabilities, ethnicities, genders, nationalities, races, religions, and sexual orientations.

Syntax & Salt purchases first worldwide English-language serial and electronic rights. Each poem we purchase will be published on syntaxandsalt.com in an electronic quarterly issue. Each poem we purchase may be included in print or electronic anthology collections. You must notify us in writing if you do not wish to be included in these collections. We may also excerpt stories  for promotional purposes. The author retains all other rights.